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Navasota Non-Sanctioned Walk

Sculpture of Mance Lipscomb (April 9, 1895 – January 30, 1976).
He was a blues singer, guitarist and songster.
He was born near Navasota, TX.

Miller Movie Theater on the bottom, Masonic Lodge on the top.
Building circa 1930.

Leake Building circa 1873.

A section of the “Blues Alley” mural.

Another section of the mural.

This is a Blues mural, but it has country western section.

There is more to the mural, you should visit it to see it all.

Dated building: Chinskis since 1861.

Mickelborough Building circa 1874.

In 1871 this building opened as a mercantile.

P.A. Smith Hotel circa 1876.

The First National Bank was built in 1800. That bank closed in 1952.
After years of other uses it is now Prosperity Bank.

This 2011 City Hall is a replica of the 1902 City Hall.

Frank Hamer – Navasota City Marshall 1908-1911.
Best known for tracking down and killing Bonnie & Clyde.

Lee Tabernacle United Methodist Church
Gothic Revival church building erected in 1896.

One story brick church from the Army base in Laredo, TX. 
At the end of World War II, they dismantled it and moved it here.

Ed patiently waiting for me to finish taking pictures.

Home of Lt. Gov. George D. Neal.

Just a pretty house, no historical marker.

First Presbyterian Church – A Gothic Church built in 1894.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
This English Village-Gothic Church was completed in 1891.

First Baptist Church – the one with the steeple in the background
was built in 1890.

A 1892 “Stick” Victorian Style home.

Built 1871 in the style of Jesse Youens’ former home in Dartford, Kent, England.

A Queen Anne Style home circa 1898.

A free little lending library in a front yard.

Colonial Revival Style home circa 1900.

A 1902 Queen Anne style home.

A 1892 Victorian House.

Just a pretty fountain.

This 1930s High School is now the ISD administration offices.

VFW marker in the middle of a divided street. May be a war memorial.

Statue of French explore La Salle. He was killed by his own men
near this spot in March 1687.

Terrell House is a lovely Queen Anne circa 1897.

2016 Post Card style mural on the side of Miller’s Theater.