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Huntsville Volksmarch

In 1862, after Sam Houston left governorship of Texas,
he rented Steamboat House, and here he died in 1863.
His funeral was held in the upstairs parlor. This house
was moved here and restored.

Blue Bonnets and a grinding wheel at the museum.

Wind Vane on the gazebo on the museum grounds.

Pretty Azaleas

Blue bottle tree.

Wisteria in bloom.

Patriotic red, white and blue house.

The 1936 pink granite historic marker explaining the history of Walker County.

Memorial in memory of our Confederate patriots.

War Memorial in honor and memory of veterans of all wars.

Old Walker County Jail is now a law office.

Cute cottage.

Woman's head with flowing hair by Artist David Adickes
is on display next to his studio/museum (Old High School).

Walkers from San Antonio passed us along the route.

Friez art on the District Attorney’s Office Building.

Historical Marker about the courthouse of Walker County.

Historical Marker about Walker County

Town Clock on the corner is stuck at 11:16.

Forest Lodge No. 19 chartered in 1844. This current building constructed in 1909.

Walls Unit of the Texas Prison System.

Ed and a bank of Blue Bonnets.

Azaleas frame a small lake.

Just a nice house I liked.